Every year, Gaogong holds emerging industrial conferences and summits, inviting government, investment institution, VC/PE and business elites. Gaogong conferences analyizes industrial development, industrial chain, investment opportunity and future trends, which makes Gaogong become one of the most important platform of the emerging industries.

G20-LED Summit

Gaogong “G20 Summit” is an International high-end cooperation forum, it invites remembers from LED segment. Meanwhile, G20 Summit invites government, organizations, VC/PE, and experts as guests. 

Gaogong LIB Conference

Gaogong LIB conference is a platform gathers famous CEOs of LIB industry, which it is the most influential LIB industry annual conference. We will invite government, investment institution, VC/PE and business elites discussing opportunity and risks of industry.

GG LED Conference

GG LED Conference is one of the most important LED summit which includes GG LED Industrial Summit, Distributor Conference, Engineer Conference, Overseas Market Strategy Conference, and New Technology Press Release.


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